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There are three different licensing models available for DocScanFx shown below.  Use the links provided to make a purchase or Contact Us if you need a quote or have a request for custom licensing.



DocScanFx - Individual PC licenses

  • Price: Cost per installed computer: US $650.
  • License Key Model: Unique per workstation software license keys.
  • Upgrades: Comes with 12 months of bi-annual software updates and out of cycle critical fix releases.
  • Support: Support website, knowledge base, and online ticketing system.
  • Example Use: Imaging department needing a limited number of licenses for image importing or document scanning.


Questions about Individual Licensing?  Contact Us


DocScanFx - Site Licensing

  • Price: Cost per facility for up to 20 individual computers: US $9,100.
  • License Key Model: Unique per workstation software license keys.  Also includes time limited deployment licenses avaiable for easier bulk deployment to multiple workstations.
  • Upgrades: Includes 12 months of software updates and support and access to off cycle software updates for added features, requests, and bug fixes.
  • Support: Support website, knowledge base, online ticketing system, and telephone.
  • Example Use: A facility with multiple imaging sources optimizing their document scanning/importing workflow by having a DocScanFx workstation near every modality and staff member who needs it. 


Questions about the 20 Pack Site Licensing?  Contact Us

"DocScan has become an essential application for our Radiology department. Being able to upload reports and paperwork into PACS for Radiologists in a quick and efficient manner is important and DocScan does just that!" - Angel (PACS Administrator, CA)  


"Awesome software.  User interface is very intuitive and easy to use.  We use it to scan all paper documentation, physician orders and both external/internal radiology reports into PACS so it’s available for the radiologist to review as part of patient’s image sets."  - Arnold (PACS Administrator, CA)



DocScanFx Features:

  • Store different document scanning and importing settings in user selectable 'Modes'
  • Works with your scanners: TWAIN, WIA, and most proprietary scanners
  • Customization to match your workflow needs.


Even with increased integrations between image archives and EMRs/EHRs, there is still a great need to add clinically relevant information as images to patients' exams.  Make it happen with DocScanFx!



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